Competitive Solutions, Inc.

1140 Powers Place, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Competitive Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is an International Consulting Company specializing in Business Transformation with 20 years’ experience creating simple, successful and sustainable Operational Management Systems. Our Process Based
Leadership (PBL) Methodology is based on creating a series of repeatable processes starting strategically at the top of the organization and then tactically cascading these down through each level. Utilizing PBL, organizations develop key business metrics, create robust accountability systems that increase employee engagement and business acumen, link metrics and actions into a standard communication system so everything is visible and auditable, and most importantly create and define the behaviors that will sustain the process. Leaders learn how to manage using these processes which creates a consistent and sustainable culture. CSI also offers PBL Scorecard, which is a unique web based BI tool that combines all the aspects of PBL – Metrics, Actions, Meetings and Dashboards, into one easy to use and track system.

• Business Transformation
• Frontline Leadership
• Employee Engagement & Accountability Systems
• Operational Excellence
• Scorecard Consulting
• Dashboarding & Business Intelligence Software

• Automotive
• Aviation/Aerospace
• Chemicals
• Consumer Goods
• Defense
• Education
• Energy
• Government
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Life Sciences
• Metals
• Non-Profit
• Public Services
• Shipping
• Utilities

• Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
• Cargill
• Pfizer
• Michelin
• Boar’s Head Provisions Co. Inc.
• Lockheed Martin
• Bombardier Learjet
• Phillips 66
• BP
• Genentech

“With the strong Process Based Leadership foundation…We are regarded as the company-wide leader and used as a
benchmark entity for Safety, Operations, Cost, Continuous Improvement, and Leadership”.
> Plant Manager, BP

“CSI’s Process Based Leadership has totally revolutionized the way we conduct our business…Successes and failures are
more quickly recognized, while accountability – every company’s nemesis – has increased throughout the organization...”
> President & COO, J&J / Invision

“Competitive Solutions’ Process Based Leadership System has become the foundation of everything that we do at Brazeway. Without it, I’m not sure we have seen the ease and level of success in Six Sigma, Lean, Quality, Performance Management, and other tools of our business culture that have driven our growth through the years.”
> President and CEO, Brazeway