Chris Cramer

CEO & Co-Founder

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Chris Cramer is CEO and Co-Founder of the Karl Strauss Brewing Company.  Chris was related to Karl M. Strauss, the company’s original Master Brewer. Chris helped launch Karl Strauss Brewing Company in 1989.  For the last 28 years Chris has held a variety of leadership roles in the company including serving as the company’s President from its founding in 1988 until 2004.  He currently serves as CEO and is focused on defining long-term strategies for growth and identifying growth opportunities and resources for the company.  In addition to his work with Karl Strauss, Chris sits on the board for the California Craft Brewers Association.  Chris is a community activist and he personally championed many business and legislative reforms that helped pave the way for San Diego to become the world’s capital for craft beer.  Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Stanford University with distinction and an MBA from the Stanford Business School.